Why Bubbles

Spotless Facilities

We prioritize a clean and well-maintained environment, ensuring that your car gets the sparkling finish it deserves. 

Reliable Equipment

Our state-of-the-art machinery undergoes regular maintenance and quality checks, guaranteeing an effective and consistent wash every time. 

Safe & Accessible

Enjoy the freedom to wash your car on your own schedule, with the added assurance of our well-lit and secure facilities. Open 24/7 and monitored by security cameras, your safety and convenience are our top priorities.

Mark BohrerMark Bohrer ★★★★★ Stephen HarrisStephen Harris ★★★★★ Bobby MccroreyBobby Mccrorey ★★★★★ Francis digiampaoloFrancis digiampaolo ★★★★★ Trevor CromerTrevor Cromer ★★★★☆ Oscar Ivan AranaOscar Ivan Arana ★★★★☆ William MahaffeyWilliam Mahaffey ★★★★★ Billy TathamBilly Tatham ★★★★★ Mandy HopperMandy Hopper ★★★★★ Billy PannellBilly Pannell ★★★★★ Response from the ownerThank you Billy for the 5-Star review! We’re glad you had a good experience. Angella CouchAngella Couch ★★★★☆ Brian HenryBrian Henry ★★★★★ jarvis smithjarvis smith ★★★★★ I love this car wash. The owner is very friendly. He even paid for my car wash one day.Jose ChavezJose Chavez ★★★★★ martika adamsmartika adams ★★★★★ Best place every love to go owner gave me a wash card n very generousResponse from the ownerMartika, Thank you very much for your review! We are glad you have a good experience at Bubbles. If there is anything we can do to make it better, please let us know. Frances MillerFrances Miller ★★★★★ shaun ludwigshaun ludwig ★★★★★ Zig ChambersZig Chambers ★★★★★ Great VacuumingBilly TathamBilly Tatham ★★★★★ Great car wash! New vacuums! It is clean and everything works well!amenia jamenia j ★★★★★ Great Place To Get Car Washed!Yorlenys MijaresYorlenys Mijares ★★★★★ Excelente alternativa para realizar la limpieza a su vehículoPhil GoodPhil Good ★★★★☆ Price high can be tough getting out of carwash trafficCloris BonnetCloris Bonnet ★★★★☆ Cloris BonnetCloris Bonnet ★★★★☆ Courtney CokeCourtney Coke ★★★★★ Natalie StephensonNatalie Stephenson ★★★★☆ We paid $12 for the drive-thru car wash, but it never came on. We called, and they refunded the full amount.Response from the ownerDear Natalie,We apologize for the inconvenience and the malfunction you experienced with our drive-thru car wash. Please reach out to us at 803-610-1180 for a prompt refund. We're also taking steps to ensure this issue is rectified quickly. Billy TathamBilly Tatham ★★★★★ Great car wash with lots of new equipment!!!!Christopher LipscombChristopher Lipscomb ★★★★☆ Older appearance but clean. Everything worked well. Had engine/tire/wheel cleaner and soapy brush with great soap.Takes bills and cards.Billy TathamBilly Tatham ★★★★★ Jeff PetersonJeff Peterson ★★★★★ It's improved a bit over the past couple of years. It's clean, equipment is kept in working order. Cameras and monitoring in place for customer and owner safety.Response from the ownerJeff, Thank you for the review! We have worked very diligently to make each of our locations safe, secure, and in good working order. We have excellent security systems and lighting equipment because we want all of our customers to feel safe no matter the time of day. We look forward to serving you in the future. Please contact our customer service if there is anything we can do to improve. Thank you. robert harrisrobert harris ★★★★☆ Billy TathamBilly Tatham ★★★★★ Everything works well. You can tell they have a great service guy taking care of things. You can use your debit card in the wash bays!Brian FieldsBrian Fields ★★★★☆ All new equipmentjust funjust fun ★★★★☆ Good car washing place. Clean never too busy. I would suggest dryers for cars? Would help with cleaning. Cash machines work. Credit cards work(bays are seperated by credit(2) Cash/Change(2). Change machine on site.Response from the ownerThank you for your positive review and helpful suggestion about adding dryers for cars. We're glad to hear you find our location clean and convenient. We'll certainly consider your feedback as we continue to make improvements. Robert PooleRobert Poole ★★★★★ Looks to be under new management. New hoses and brushes. Great place to take care of your vehicle's. Convenient place to wash the car on your way home from work.Response from the ownerDear Robert,Thank you for noting the upgrades at our 1712 Celanese Rd location. We're glad you find it a convenient spot for car care. Your positive feedback is much appreciated! Cristy TaylorCristy Taylor ★★★★★ The car wash was awesome 😎Response from the ownerWe're thrilled to hear you think our car wash is awesome! Your positive feedback means a lot to us. York County Local GuideYork County Local Guide ★★★★★ Daniel JeansDaniel Jeans ★★★★★ Self service wand wash.Response from the ownerThank you for the five-star rating. We're delighted you had a positive experience and appreciate your support. York County Local GuideYork County Local Guide ★★★★★ I’ve always loved this car wash but now that they have new vacuums I will definitely be coming more! They suction is very strong so it cleans very well 10/10Response from the ownerThank you for the five-star review and the positive feedback on our new vacuums at 1712 Celanese Rd. We're glad you're pleased with the upgrades. Looking forward to serving you again. Garrett GregoryGarrett Gregory ★★★★★ Robert WaddellRobert Waddell ★★★★★ High quality equipment and cleaning chemicals. The change machine and a couple vacuums were out of order but everything else was great. Highly recommended. The car wash bays accept cards.Donny DixonDonny Dixon ★★★★☆ Very clean place, all machines works properly.Response from the ownerThank you for the positive feedback. We're delighted to hear you found our facility clean and our machines in good working order. Your satisfaction is important to us. Phill ShawPhill Shaw ★★★★★ It’s a wand car wash; usually fairly quiet so you’re not rushed. It’s a great in-and-out, no frills wash!!Response from the ownerThank you for your positive feedback. We're pleased to hear you enjoy our car wash. Beverly TurnerBeverly Turner ★★★★★ Response from the ownerBeverly, Thank you for the review! We are glad you had a good experience at one of our locations and strive to make each of our locations as good as they can be! Please contact our customer service if you ever have any questions or complaints. Thank you. Jamie WilsonJamie Wilson ★★★★☆ Boyd McswainBoyd Mcswain ★★★★★ Carwash where you can wash your dirty car. Thete was puke everywhere but I was able to use the sprayer to wash it away from pathApril HallApril Hall ★★★★★ Machines worked and had power. Place was clean.Erick MillsErick Mills ★★★★☆ Everything worked as it was supposed to. No issues.Mary CortazarMary Cortazar ★★★★★ Un bien lugar para limpiar tu carroRosetta StevensRosetta Stevens ★★★★★ Beautiful and as usual a great environment, whoever I come in contact with are very friendly, respectful and caring. I love the way they care about you and what you ask for they are there to help you.Response from the ownerThank you for the kind words. We're thrilled to hear you enjoy the friendly and respectful environment we strive to provide. Your satisfaction means a lot to us. Carol TarczaCarol Tarcza ★★★★☆ Just went there to use the car wash bays. The place looked clean and pretty well kept. Change machine worked and gave me the correct change. This is the first place I've found with a seperate tire brush. I really appreciated that because my tires look almost as clean as when I was able to use a sponge and bucket. My only compliant about the wash is that the pre-wash spray didn't work. It started to spray then sputtered and then nothing. I'm not sure if it mattered that much overall but everything else worked fine. There was one guy who'd been cleaning his car for a while before he suddenly decided we all needed to listen to his music. He didn't crank it up as loud as some people do but I still didn't want to hear it. I'd consider going back again though.Response from the ownerCarol, Thank you for the review! We are glad you had an overall positive experience, and we apologize that that the spray wand was not working properly while you were there.We strive to make sure that all of our equipment is working as it. Should similar issues arise in the future when using our car washes, please don’t hesitate to call our customer service so that we can repair the issue as quickly as possible and we can compensate you for the inconvenience. Thank you. John LeflerJohn Lefler ★★★★★ Response from the ownerJohn, Thank you for your review! We strive to make each of our locations a great experience for anyone in need of a car. We hope you will use Bubbles in the future! Jeff HinsonJeff Hinson ★★★★★ Great place weird nameResponse from the ownerJeff, Thank you for the review! In spite of our unique brand name, we hope you will use us in the future and that each experience goes beyond your expectations. Timothy JohnsonTimothy Johnson ★★★★★ DJ TONY MOTLEYDJ TONY MOTLEY ★★★★★ Response from the ownerDJ, Thank you for your review! We are glad you had a pleasant experience at one of our locations and hope that you will continue to use us in the future. Joyce CantrellJoyce Cantrell ★★★★★ Response from the ownerJoyce, Thank you for your review. We are happy you had a satisfactory experience at one of our locations, and hope that you will continue to use Bubbles as your go-to car wash in the future! Please contact our customer service if there is anything we can do in the future to improve our locations! Thank you. Joseph PetrilloJoseph Petrillo ★★★★☆ NaeNae ★★★★★ Arencia ShawArencia Shaw ★★★★★ Teawana BowensTeawana Bowens ★★★★★ Michelle YezekMichelle Yezek ★★★★★ Went through the automatic car wash. It announces what it’s doing as it’s about to do it. I’ve never experienced a car wash that does that. 😂Gio ZanecchiaGio Zanecchia ★★★★★ The only spot open during the winter freeze... Great value, decent soap and pressure, thanks! There's also a high clearance pull throughEduardo GarciaEduardo Garcia ★★★★★ Super extremo muy limpio se los recomiendo.vick ramirovick ramiro ★★★★★ Esta genial solo qie un poco caroHector SanchezHector Sanchez ★★★★☆ Alan LigonAlan Ligon ★★★★★ Karen BrechbielKaren Brechbiel ★★★★★ Great car washAuthoress Adriana BrungaAuthoress Adriana Brunga ★★★★★ Amazing car wash, I highly recommend it!darryl thompsondarryl thompson ★★★★★ Lee BrunerLee Bruner ★★★★★ Very well maintained. Price is fair.👍👌Kevin BarnesKevin Barnes ★★★★★ Stephen BallengerStephen Ballenger ★★★★★ Rock GarrisonRock Garrison ★★★★★ All the machines work and they have somebody there in case they don't very satisfiedDre EscobarDre Escobar ★★★★★ Bobby MccroreyBobby Mccrorey ★★★★★ Garrett GregoryGarrett Gregory ★★★★★ Cynthia Bishop (Cynjun)Cynthia Bishop (Cynjun) ★★★★★ Excellent vacuums,extra clean around facilityslugzilla420slugzilla420 ★★★★☆ Cindy LopezCindy Lopez ★★★★★ Saddan BonillaSaddan Bonilla ★★★★★ Alex NixAlex Nix ★★★★☆ Jude PowellJude Powell ★★★★★ Very nice car wash not too expensivegerald satterfieldgerald satterfield ★★★★★ Good car wash. Well maintainedBERNICE HALLBERNICE HALL ★★★★★ Nice location and not to busy. Lots of foam to do the job.Jeff HinsonJeff Hinson ★★★★★ The pressure is great the auto is nice alsoMitchell WayneMitchell Wayne ★★★★☆ Excellent and sparkling attitudesBobby MccroreyBobby Mccrorey ★★★★★ Micheal OatesMicheal Oates ★★★★★ Thomas FergusonThomas Ferguson ★★★★★ Great costumer service!Frank McDanielFrank McDaniel ★★★★★ Justin Keith Anglin (Otter)Justin Keith Anglin (Otter) ★★★★☆ It can't be mistaken for a fancy self service car wash (is there such a thing?) but the prices are fair and there is b always a place to pull up . If any of the machines take your money just call the number posted. Great view off the top of the hill.Shannon KelseyShannon Kelsey ★★★★☆ Ashley ThulinAshley Thulin ★★★★★ Laura LarsonLaura Larson ★★★★☆ Better than the one at Porter and Firetower.Alvin WallaceAlvin Wallace ★★★★☆ neal icenhourneal icenhour ★★★★☆ Johnnie ClarkJohnnie Clark ★★★★★ Thanks.Jermaine BronsonJermaine Bronson ★★★★★ Tamara ByersTamara Byers ★★★★★ Very clean car wash. Every time I go there, I see the owner cleaning up. My Go To car wash.Alexandra MillerAlexandra Miller ★★★★☆ Very clean place!Tracey ThompsonTracey Thompson ★★★★☆ Quick washGary LamboyGary Lamboy ★★★★☆ A very well maintained car wash... Trash isn't overflowing.. car bays are clean.. lot is free of trash.. hoses and sprays working satisfactory... Only issue product vending seems to not work often..Clayton MilesClayton Miles ★★★★★ Equipment in good working order. Excellent pressure. Good experienceV BV B ★★★★★ Robin CattersonRobin Catterson ★★★★☆ Stacey SewardStacey Seward ★★★★☆ David StacksDavid Stacks ★★★★★ GreatBarbara CrouseBarbara Crouse ★★★★☆ Cornbread #Cornbread # ★★★★★ Love itjs_loader

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